A more eco-friendly way to travel

Always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly after 4 years I am finally back on a bicycle! I sold my last one in our house move when I was 4 months pregant with Maxwell. So its been a long time since I used my legs that way!! This weekend Steve went out and got us both new bicycles and a trailer for us to take the kids with us - what fun!
I even biked to and from pre-school with my boys today - its not a long way but at least I left the car behind and got some exercise :-)


Oh, I haven't seen a cab like that yet. It's cute. Well, as I can see those who really want to be eco-conscious like you and your family, will always find the alternative: a cute trailer instead of a car. Carry on!

Yeah for you guys! I would love to have one of these - for my husband to pull my son in. :0)


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