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Maxwell Designs was thrilled to be included in Savvy Moms Baby Shower Gift Guide which came out on June 22nd. Here is a snipet of the guide - you can find more at the link above, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”. It’s a pretty standard progression—the tough part is knowing what to give that baby in the carriage. So to help we’ve got our annual Baby Shower Gift Guide, whether you’re attending the party as a discerning gift-giver or stocking up the nursery as a mom-to-be"

"...if things come out wet after all that (playing in the water), mom will love to have a few Wet Bags from Maxwell Designs on hand to store the wet and dirty items until she gets home (great for bathing suits when baby is older). The beautiful and eco-friendly bags are mom-made in Canada. ($15.95–18.50)
With this guide, we’re sure you’ll win the unofficial Most-Popular-Gift-at-the-Shower Award".

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