How did I get here?

Who would ever imagine that I would go from being a SAHM of 2, to owning and operating my own company - certainly not me!. Here is a little history on how MDesigns was 'born' - this is an excerpt from the first article written about me and my company.
"A stay-at-home success" by Kat Lee, Terrace Standard Oct 7th 2009
"A stay-at-home mom has taken an idea and her sewing machine and turned it into an emerging business that sees her eco-conscious baby products being sold worldwide.
The idea for Maggie Chilton's home-based business Maxwell Designs started when she was four months pregnant with her first child, Maxwell. She was looking for a diaper bag, but didn't want to go to a big box store and didn't want it to look like a diaper bag.
Then she got a $400 sewing machine and she hasn't looked back, making baby products that are Eco-friendly.
She uses hemp or natural cotton materials to make her designer diaper bags, slings, change pads and baby clothes.

Her first Christmas Craft Fair in (Kitimat) in December 2007 was successful enough to urge (her) to set up a booth at the Farmers Market in Terrace in (2008)".

So there is a little about how I got here. I now have 10 retailers in Canada and the States and have sold as far a field as South Korea and Ireland. I truly love what I do and I get such a buzz out of creating products that people use on a daily basis and have more often than not, had a hand in designing.

My product has been through a few changes since 2007 but I think I have come to a point where I am very happy with my product and the level of quality I look for in a product. I love feedback and always take peoples suggestions and ideas into consideration.

If anyone is thinking of starting a business from home making products - all I can say is "just go for it" - I have met the most amazing people through Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and so on - I had no idea there was such a huge community of women out there who care so much about their environment, how we see it and how we can make it better......until next is a picture of the little person who inspired a company.


Thanks for posting this! It is an encouragement to those of us seeking wahm status...Happy sewing!

Thank you for your support! Its tough doing it 'by yourself' sometimes but my boys make it so worth while :-)

As someone who had a fight with a sewing machine this weekend, I am humbled by those who really know how to use their sewing talents and make such incredible products! Your story is great; I love knowing the background of what I'm buying :)


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