When deciding what the first post of 2010 should be, my mind wandered to my oldest Son's upcoming 3rd birthday bash. What was I going to do? I don't think I want to go the 'theme' route, or go all out - after all its really the parents who get the most out of children's birthdays for the first few years isnt it?

I thought back to my youngest son's 1st birthday party were I went all out and made virtually everything myself - with an eco-conscious theme running through it. Here is a little of what I did. I throughly enjoyed making everything but it was a big undertaking and I am not sure I would go that far again.

I made biscotti instead of adding the usual candy to the loot bags - (chocolate orange) - mainly for the parents to enjoy as they get left out most of the time.

I monogrammed all the napkins with all the guests initials. The napkins I made as a keepsake idea out of flannel and made the initials out of felt.

I made all the loot bags out of felt and appliqued designs to make them more colourful. I asked Tara, one of my retailers, at The Happy Tree (Terrace), if she would donate some samples of soap nuts and discount coupons and she happily agreed. I also asked a friend if she would like to offer a discount on her photography packages.

I also made fleece hats for all the 'older guests' and stroller blankets for the little guys. After all Shia's birthday is in October and it gets pretty chilly here in the North.

I think a great time was had by all, I certainly enjoyed making everything and thinking of each child I was making it for. The only money I spent was on the food for the day (we wont go into that little chestnut :-) and I made the cake instead of buying one. After all that, would I do it again.....absolutely.

a diaper bag in association with Otter Babies
who will be filling it with wonderful cloth diapers!!
and so much more...
Keep coming back to make sure you dont miss out on how to enter to win!


I am available to attend any and all future birthday parties you may be hosting--with or without my children (more biscotti for me)!

Sounds like you sure went all out! I'm excited to see what you come up with for Maxwell's birthday!!
I need to start thinking about my son's party... Only two weeks away.....


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