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I have never been a huge crocs fan on adults - I don't know what it is but they just look strange - but on kids they look extremely adorable!! Maybe its because toddlers/babies/teenagers can get away with wearing virtually anything and can look super cute in the process. I bought Maxwell a pair and jazzed them up with some jibbitz to make them more unique - lots of Toronto Maple Leafs and Thomas The Train's. He is still just curious about them although he has attempted to wear them around the house on occasion.

Anyway I was researching "10 things you didn't know you could recycle" and guess what popped up on the list - Crocs!! I was so surprised (maybe I have been living under a rock this whole time and everyone else knew!). Apparently "a new program (by the) Crocs company (is recycling) .. beloved shoes that will be given to someone (for free!) in an impoverished country".
According to SQUIDOO "As of the start of 2008, the Soles United program has .. already given away more than 1 million shoes!
If you or your family are Croc's wearers here are 3 easy steps to making sure you (and someone else) can love and enjoy your Croc's to their full potential (curtesy of SQUIDD)

 WEAR - You've already got this step down, I'm sure. Wear your Crocs, enjoy your Crocs, decide you need more Crocs. But at some point, the tread on the bottom starts to smooth out and the tops begin to look a little scruffy. It's time for a new pair
SHARE - Rather than toss your Crocs so they fill the landfill, drop them off a Crocs retailer, authorized donation center or ship them back to Soles United. (Hey another great benefit of the light weight of a pair of Crocs - it won't cost much to ship!)
RECYCLE - Once Soles United receives your shoes, they'll be sorted, cleaned, ground up and turned into new Soles United footwear. These shoes are made out of 20 percent recycled proprietary Croslite material and have the Crocs recycle logo imprinted on the top
DONATE - Once the Soles United shoes are made, they're boxed up and shipped out (with help from Brother's Brother Foundation and Feed the Children) to organizations that can make sure the shoes reach those who need them"

Needless to say I think I will be changing my mind about Croc's and taking a fresh look at their latest trends - and if I really can't get to grips with them - I know someone will!

Check with your local Crocs retailer to see if they're an official drop-off point.

Or mail your worn-out Crocs shoes to:
Crocs Recycling - West, 3375 Enterprise Avenue, Bloomington, CA 92316
Crocs Recycling - East, 1500 Commodity Blvd, Lockbourne, OH 43137



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