My first Celebrity Gifting!!
Let me be a little indulgent for a moment please...

I am so excited to show you the gifts that I sent to Jenna Elfman for her new little boy. Now I know what you are thinking "don't celebrities get enough free stuff?" and on the whole I would tend to agree with you but once in a while a person comes along who you like, you watch their shows, they have children the same age as yours - on some level you connect. This is why I choose Jenna. I had seen her on Letterman recently talking about her oldest son and his train set he got for Christmas and how excited he was - I totally got what she meant as we had bought Maxwell a train set too. She is also one celebrity who cares about our environment and that should be celebrated no matter who you are. Doesn't every mom deserve a gift?

Congratulations Jenna on your up and coming new baby boy!



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