If you would be interested in a Organic Cotton Baby/Toddler Sling from Maxwell Designs as a giveaway leave a comment telling me so - If I get enough comments then I will run one


I'd totally love to win one!!!! They are too cute!

Just got your email and came to check it out! I would love to win 1!! Lucky number two **crosses fingers**

I would love to have the chance to win one of these. So awesome.

Who wouldn't love that? Fab.

I think they're gorgeous. I already have an obsession with carriers and I won't have a baby to put in any until April!

I would love to win!


Absolutely, baby wearing rules!

I'd love to (your carriers are gorgeous - who wouldn't)! I've yet to wear any of my babies due to various reasons... T_T But I'm looking very forward to it come July!

I would also love a chance to win this!

I would totally be interested.

I would love to enter a giveaway for one! please host a giveaway!


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