Hand dying cloth diapers - part 1

I have been using pre-folds for a while now but after seeing some dyed diapers on one of my favourite retailers otterbabies I was inspired to dye my own - I mean how hard could it be? Well not as easy as you would think. I thought I could do the most natural way I knew - with beetroot and blueberries (seperately not together) and set about soaking my pre-washed diapers for a few hours. At first the colour looked great, just what I was looking for, but after asking a very good friend of mine if I was doing it right she told me that vegetable dyes will not hold and will wash out within a few washes - back to the drawing board. Debby forwarded me a great article on dying cloth diapers and I found out I need in order for the dye to stay. So I went on Ebay and promtly bought my dye. I was so excited for it to arrive so that I could add some flare to my cloth diapers.

The dye arrived yesterday and after reading the instructions carefully I realised there was yet another ingredient I needed! I wish the seller on ebay had told me that. I now have to try to find Soda Ash - not an easy thing when you live in a small town with just one hardware store. So I am on the hunt for the alusive soda ash this afternoon -wish me luck. I really want to start the dying process tonight!


Hello, found you on MBC (Simply Follow)following from www.ecomodernmom.com.

Following from MBC!!! Great blog! I have been considering Cloth Diapers, and I love seeing new items!! Thanks!


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