Home dye update - the results

So I am all done and I am super happy with my new prefolds of many colours. Here is the
'before' photo
'just addng the dye' photo
and the 'final result' photo

Heres one I made to match my 'GroBaby' diaper shell - I made a lilac one to match my other shell too.
I would encourage anyone who has basic prefolds to have some fun with colours - brighten up your babies bum from the inside out.

Maybe I should start selling them at Maxwell Designs?


Those diapers look lovely! Sorry you had such a time finding the soda ash. I get mine as washing soda in my local grocery.

Beautiful! I love the bright colors.

Thank you ladies - I had a great time choosing colours I want to do more but I ran out of diapers!

Following you from MBC!

Very cool! Have you washed them yet? I'm wondering how well they kept their color.

Hi Hannah, Yes I have washed them a number of times and they all still look great - not sure I would do dark blue again though - that one did not take as well and seemed to leak a little but I was them all together and they have not run into each other - so am very happy with my colourful stash :-)


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