Ahoy there my harties - fabulous shoe find

As a women I think I I lack one essential gene - I DO NOT HAVE A SHOE COLLECTION! I don't know why that is! Don't get me wrong I can appreciate a great pair of shoes as much as the next women but I maybe have 3 pairs of 'girly' shoes and 3 pairs of runners. My husband has more pairs of shoes than I do!! HOWEVER.....I am definatly making up for it with my two boys. I have lost track of the amount of shoes I have now bought them, and they are only 3yrs and 16 months. I just love the fact that (generally) they are under $40 and that I can buy good quality shoes that are actually good for my boys feet (unlike my high heels and wedged toes!).

This is my latest pair I bought for Shia, my youngest. I was immediatly drawn to the cool factor and the fact that they were leather and a great price (Jam Tots in Victoria, B.C). I absolutley adore them, and I was very surprised when they arrived in about 3 days!! I was also impressed by how super soft they were! To be honest my best friend had been talking about them for years but I had been fighting getting them as I had never heard of them before and loved my Pedipeds and Robeez. I love the fact that they actually fit Shia. I have found with every pair of my Robeez that they fit very long and boys have average size feet so when it says 16-20 months they still fit Maxwell at 36 months.

So I guess my "shoe collecting gene" was just laying dormant and waiting for my boys to arrive so I could live vicariously through them - I am loving my new gene!!

Do you have a favourite 'shoe designer' for your little one/s? Would love to know..

Features of these shoes are:
• A true soft-sole shoe that can be used Indoor and Outdoor • Non-toxic, breathable, premium 100% cowhide leather • Soft, flexible and skid resistant TPR sole • Genuine suede lining • 3mm cushioned soles and cushioned ankle protection • Ultra-light and flexible providing ultimate comfort • Velcro makes it easy to put on and stay securely in place • Perfect for pre and new walkers • Recommended by Podiatrists


You know what? I don't have the shoe gene, either. I go more for comfort than anything. And I am so picky, I hate shoe shopping. But my daughter has tons of shoes, and I'm always buying her new ones, so I suppose we're in the same boat!

I think having a girl might be even worse! I have found that the selection for boys is fairly limited but with girls...wow...there are so many amazingly cute ones. Good luck Christina :-)

You know what's also great about Jack and Lily? They are Canadian-owned! Their soft-soled shoes are still made in Vancouver, unlike a certain gazillion-dollar soft-soled shoe company!

My son loves them - so glad something so local is so well made and fun! thanks bopeeplady for your comments


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