Maxwell Turns 3 - Its Wiggle Party Time

Yes, its true. Maxwell turned 3 just yesterday - he is a running, jumping, laughing, cheeky, chatty, odd sometimes, loveable little boy. I did say in my first post on this blog that I probably wouldn't go all out and do a theme party and all that work again - WRONG. I blame my significant other, Steve, for planting the seed. While watching Maxwell's favourite show he pipes up "Hey, I could dress up as Captain Feathersword for Maxwell's birthday - how tough could that job be!" Oh little did he know what that would mean.
So I set about making his costume. It all went really well--I think. The only thing I couldn't make or get was the hat! I looked everywhere. But I think it turned out quite well....I also thought about the 'loot bags', and how I could make them different. So this time I decided to make everyone a t-shirt with the Wiggles logo on it and deliver them the night before - that way everyone at the party would look the same and they would have a nice t-shirt to remember the day. Everyone got some bubbles at the end too.
I made the cake again, but this time it was an organic chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and cream, with chocolate frosting..yummmm.
I convinced Steve to answer the door to all our new guests and greet them as Captain Feathersword, which he relunctantly agreed to do ( I believe he secretly enjoyed it in the end). The kids had mixed feelings - the little ones crying at first but they soon got used to it. It is definalty a party we will all remember for a long time and one I have very fond memories of - Happy Birthday Maxwell - we love you! Oh no! how am I going to top this one!!!


Cute creative idea. I am not into dressing up but my husband enjoys dressing up for All Saints Day and has enjoyed being in plays. I like the cake.. it is cute. We have made cakes through out the years. My oldest is 25 and youngest turned 7 aweek ago Friday. Each child has their own personality to bring to the party.

I like your bags... Are they study enough to be book bags?

That cake looks amazing, you've got me craving cake! My daughter turns 1 in a couple of months; I have to start thinking about a cake for her!

I think I'm going to run out and buy some cupcakes (notice how I didn't say run and bake some) hehe!

Like your blog. Following from MBC.

Thanks Alexia. Even if you buy a ready made cupcake - cake recipe (you can get organic too) and just sub the oil for apple sauce that is a great alternative - its so simple and really tasty. I am checking out your blog right now :-) Happy Birthday to your daughter :-)


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