Giveaway to help raise awareness of SIDS

I found this blog whilst on Twitter and couldnt help but ball my eyes out! why you might ask? It was certainly nothing to do with the writing but all to do with the subject! (Thankfully) I have no idea how it must feel to lose a child , I can only image. The two ladies who run this blog are raising awareness of SIDS and having their first fantastic giveaway. I have been asked if I would spread the word about it, of course I said yes!
 The blog is:
City Mom, Country Mom: Who wants free stuff? - A GIVEAWAY!
here is the direct link

And here is what you could win.
Option 1: Earth Mama Angel Baby - Light of My Heart Candle
Nurturing Aromatherapy Candle
Option 2: Halo Innovations SleepSack Wearable MicroFleece Blanket
HOW TO WIN: Mandatory - Leave a comment on the blog with your name and email address, along with two simple words "I PROMISE"

What's this promise we speak of? It's a simple one really... a promise that you will share a website (no, not CityMom-CountryMom), but THIS ONE: with just ONE other person out there. Why? Because the only way we're going to help reduce the risk of SIDS and the number of babies gone too soon is by spreading awareness. So, won't you help in our fight? We hope you will!

Oh, and that's it! We don't want anything else - well, maybe just a hug :)

BUT HURRY THIS GIVEAWAY ends March 18th! - Spread the word


Thanks for spreading the word! City mom, Wendi, is a IRL friend of mine. She is so sweet and compassionate.

Thanks for sharing. As a mom of three, I always worried about this. I will pop on over.


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