Save water bathe with a friend!

My littlest hobo Shia has been quite ill recently with a suspected broncial infection which has left with him with a very raspy voice, a runny nose and he is not happy AT ALL. The only time he seems to actually seems to rest is when he can sleep on Mummy. I feel like I have a newborn again which has its cute factor but also the no sleep factor that we were just getting out of.

We have always been eco-friendly when it comes to saving our water, we use a water filter, drink water from the tap, take short showers and since we have 2 small boys we bathe them together. Since Shia has been ill the bath has been a life saver for me, its a small respite from the crying and being generally unhappy. I think that we have been very lucky in that fact that both our boys love baths. There was a time in Maxwells life where he would cry the whole time he was in the bath and hated to be in it for longer than a minute. Luckily he has grown out of that phase and loves bathing with his little brother.
For me it is one of the happiest times with my boys. I don't think there is anything cuter than two of the cutest bottoms standing naked in front of a bath dying to get in and test the water. Shia is now at the stage where he is so eager to get in he lifts his leg up and tries to crawl in, we have just caught him before he goes head first into the bath on a couple of occasions as he just can't seem to wait to get in!!
I have found that no matter how sick my boys are a bath is a sure fire way to get a few minutes of no crying and perhaps a little laughter thrown in - and then I get to see the cute bums running away from the diaper afterwards which is another one of my all time favourite times with my babies.

Do you have a favourite time with your little one/s? Those first few minutes of eye rubbing when they wake up and are in your arms? waving bye bye and blowing you kisses when you have to run some errands and they watch you from the window? I would love to know.....



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